Sunday, August 31, 2008

So, I figured since keeping up with being articulate here is only working so well, I'd also try easing into it with some microblogging at also.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Install Fest at Milwaukee LUG!

Advance warning that the Milwaukee Area LUG is having an Install Fest on Sept. 13th. More info can be found in the wiki. I'm going to try to be there with my laptop and a copy of liveusb-creator to make some USB Fedora keys for folks who want them as well as lend a hand.

If I have extra time, I'll try to setup DHCP on my laptop to run as an option server to present PXE'able images for various installers. This will require a bunch of downloading across my poor little cable-modem to get said images, so that might not happen, unless of course I travel to $hq and can co-opt their link.

If you're in Milwaukee, drop by and say "Hi" or bring a machine to install Linux on!

I hate interviews, interviewing, resumes and cover letters

Ahem. yep. That's it. The job search and interview process scares the crap out of me and I hate it.

I shake when writing cover letters. I've lost jobs because I got nervous during on-site interviews and babbled the first thing that sprang into my head. So much so that one recruiter even asked me flat out "What the hell happened in there?" It's worse now that I've learned how to keep calm during phone interviews, because my inability to sound intelligent during an on-site generally rings bullshit alarms even louder now.

So to all of you who will have to interview me, read my resume or cover letter, or generally deal with me on the applicant end of a hiring process: I apologize. I'm smart, I can do the job, I just evidently have some sort of emotional interview baggage I haven't fully realized yet.

Or something. Maybe airing my issues publicly is the first step to fixing them, I dunno.