Sunday, October 26, 2008



It's fall in Milwaukee and the colors are great. I took some pictures last week, and they're linked below. After being in the south for 10ish years, it's nice to see trees turn a color other than a bland murky brownish-grey.

We've also gotten the chance to do some other great fall things like: roast a turkey breast, have apple cider, light a fire in the fireplace, and go get a pumpkin from a local church that was selling them on their front lawn. We're going to try to carve the pumpkin today before the trick-or-treaters show up. It's supposed to be cold (windy, with a possibility of flurries) tonight so we'll probably do another fire too. This place is pretty freakin' awesome. Winter, I fear, will suck but so far the rest of the seasons seem to make it worthwhile.

Another fall tradition is voting, which we did early here in Milwaukee. If you can, go do it now.

Fall in the neighborhood

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