Sunday, April 11, 2010

Selling out, or selling up? Yes, I'm Enabling Ads

When I first started trying to write and post regularly I found it difficult to do so.  Part of my difficulty was trying to publish content that wasn't just a whiny rundown of my regular activities -- since my life is pretty boring, that kind of rundown really isn't very interesting either.  The other difficulty I had was finding the will to regularly post.  Two years later I think I'm starting to get the hang of the writing part and since I need to keep doing it in order to get better I'm looking for some extra motivation.

Love, happiness, and a sense of safety and well-being are all great motivators; but the Blogger "Monetize" tab looked much easier and quicker.  So, I'm going to try serving some ads along with content in order to see if having a positive financial impact will spur me into posting more regularly.  To keep my karma levels even I will apply the first $75 of revenue to a Kiva loan.  Judging by the (lack of) traffic I get that will take a while to happen.  Also, since my traffic levels are so low I'm not even going to worry about planning past that first $75.  My goal is to post and write, so I'm really less concerned about money and more concerned about just producing something worthwhile.  As things progress, I will post updates on the effectiveness of this scheme and link to whatever Kiva loans that are made as a result.  Hey, look!  It's already working, I have more stuff to write about!

Since I just enabled ads my request hasn't been fully processed yet.  So in a wonderful twist of irony, this post to my blog about enabling ads on my blog will go live with, you got it, no ads.

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Craig Maloney said...

Good luck. My ad revenue on my blog with Amazon in total amounted to $10 to a CD. That was about the extent of it. Hopefully you'll get more than I did. :)