Saturday, May 1, 2010

System Administration isn't doomed, but it's going to to be hella different real soon

Let's compare and contrast these two articles:
My personal opinion is that cloud computing isn't going to take over the enterprise any time real soon. Most companies don't want their data floating on someone else's machines. And in terms of context and locality, it doesn't make sense to have a "print server in the cloud" much less a file share (and yes, there will always be file shares).

I do thing that the concept and arcitecture of "cloud computing" is going to change the I.T. industry and the profession of system administration a whole lot though. My particular vision goes something like:
  • Various {system,application,database,network} administration roles will blend more. In a cloud, it's much harder to build walls between hardware, network, applications, and "other stuff" because they all depend on each other. To a degree, this has already begun: witness SOA.
  • Scale will start to bite these fines folks. The tools will get better as a direct result.
  • Day to day "I.T. Guy" tasks will be automated/documented/made easy enough for them to be pushed down to the users, or at least desktop/helpdesk staff. "I.T. Guy" either moves laterally to another career, or refocuses as desktop/helpdesk or upper level administration.

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